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You’ll have seen the Grohe collection of products everywhere. This is one of the biggest brands out there. They tend to be right in the forefront of the market for all the latest innovations from new Grohe shower systems to the latest kitchen and bathroom faucets.

If you’re looking for high quality and name brand value at good prices, Grohe is your one-stop shop for any kind of décor fittings you want:

Kitchen faucets

Grohe kitchen faucets come in a truly fabulous range of styles and models, from the ultra-cool new generation of designer taps to the ultra-functional, high performance water saving faucets. These faucets are low maintenance and come in a broad selection of styles to match your décor.

Choose between old world styles and the latest designs you see in the lifestyle magazines and home design websites. You can download your product information online, too, and compare your selections.

Grohe bathroom faucets

Our Grohe bathroom faucets include a lot of designs you’ll recognize. The styles are a great mix of choices. Expect a few surprises, too; a lot of new designs are coming on the market, including bath mixer and thermostatic faucets, and water saving faucets to save you money.

Be sure to check out the wall-mounted faucets and other options, while you’re exploring your choices. There are also a range of floor-mounted faucets, bathroom accessories and other products for fitting out your bathroom.

Grohe shower systems

Grohe shower systems include a lot of options for any home. You can choose between retrofit shower systems for your existing shower, the latest show heads and water saving features, and a lot more as well.

The Grohe showers include a lot of different features, like body sprays, unique technologies, and the new modern shower heads which deliver a great shower every time. You can also get shower sets, hand showers, and really create a fabulous new bathroom for yourself. Browse this beautiful range and compare.

Want to ask about Grohe shower systems and faucets?

If you’d like to discuss your needs, want technical information, or ask Pyramid Pipe & Supply Company. We’ll be happy to provide any information you need and answer all your questions.

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