Noritz is a famous brand, best known for its high quality modern style and highly efficient water heaters. Noritz water heaters  are used for both residential and commercial purposes. Noritz products include the Noritz tankless water heaters and the Noritz electronic water heaters. Noritz offers a range of choices of both indoor and outdoor water heaters.

Noritz tankless water heaters 

Tankless water heaters are basically heating units which heat water  as it flows through them. Tankless water heaters offer an unlimited flow  of heated water, unlike tanks, which are limited to supplying only to  amounts of water according to tank capacity. 

Tank water heaters operate continuously, reheating water whether the  hot water is being used or not. This is a costly, inefficient system  which is being phased out as the new tankless systems enter the market. 

The Noritz tankless water heaters use gas or propane  heating systems to deliver a fabulous shower or bath with unlimited hot  water. If you’re looking for the right combination of hot water supply  and cost-efficient water heating, Noritz will deliver for you. 

Noritz electronic water heaters

The Noritz electronic water heater selection is the highest quality  market standard for high performance, highly responsive water heating.  These water heaters allow you to customise your water temperature in 5  degree Fahrenheit increments for the perfect shower or bath.  

Electronic water heaters are ideal for residential purposes, or  environments where water temperature may be required to be pre-set for  commercial use. These highly efficient water heaters also allow you to  manage and monitor water and fuel usage. 

Indoor and outdoor heaters for north and south climates

It’s easy to find the right water heater with Noritz. You can select  the water heater which is best for your needs at a glance on Noritz  product information. All Noritz water heaters are designed for either  indoor or outdoor use. Product information is also provided for your  consideration for climates in both northern and southern climate  environments.

Want more information? 

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