The Toto name is synonymous for high quality appliances and fittings.  The Toto range includes a very broad spectrum of products, including  the very latest new designs on the market.

The Toto product range 

The Toto range of products is a virtual one-stop shop for all types of products: 

Toto toilets

Toto toilets offer a large range of selections,  including one and two piece units, wall hung units, and in-wall tanks.  These highly water-efficient modern toilets are designed to deliver both  the right appearance and all the practical benefits of modern toilet  systems.  

Take a little time to browse through this big range of products and  compare your options for décor and cost-efficiency choices. You can  select your products by color, type of unit, unit features, style, bowl  shape and flushing system simply by checking on your preferences. Please  note – These advanced new units offer water saving options which can be  highly cost-effective in managing water usage. 

Toto faucets

Toto faucets are true market and style leaders,  incorporating all the latest features you may have seen in lifestyle and  home design magazines and online. If you’re looking for the absolute  best, or design choices, you’ll find exactly what you want here. 

Toto faucets also offer a complete range of  selections for customers – Options include different finishes, very high  value features, styles, handle types, faucet types and prices. Compare  your choices and see what’s right for you.

Toto accessories 

The Toto range of accessories is a do-everything easy way to equip  your bathroom with any additional accessories you may require. You can  choose Toto accessories  like grab rails, towel rails,  paper rolls and other essentials according to your needs. You can even  equip all your bathrooms with your own design choices. You can choose  your accessories by finish, style and price. 

Like to find out more about Toto products? 

If you have questions about any of these Toto products, just call us  and talk to our friendly experts at Pyramid Pipe Company about your  needs. If you need clarification regarding choices or would like to talk  to someone about specific issues, we’ll be happy to assist.